Andy's Boarding Place
217 Old County Rd, #8
San Carlos, CA 94070

Where your pet comes for the rock star treatment!

We are back open and ready for the pups--- send in the hounds!

About us and our philosophy:

First and foremost there's Andy.  Andy rescued Kevin in 2000.  Andy has the responsibility of assisting with all evaluations.

Then, there are the humans who have the honor of loving and caring for the guests of Andy's Boarding Place.

Kevin, who has been a dog lover since birth has turned his passion for loving dogs into a business where he gets to love on dogs 24/7.

Andy's Boarding Place (formerly Rainbow Bridge Boarding) subscribes to what we feel is a common sense philosophy but is in fact a rare belief within the industry.

We don't separate by size, rather we feel it is better for all dogs to have a variety of friends both big and small.  The bigger dogs learn to be gentle and respectful of the smaller dogs and the little ones learn that just because they are with a larger dog doesn't mean they should be fearful.

This means that all dogs hang out, play and socialize together and sleep in the same rooms.  They never sleep on cold cement floors or left alone over night with only one or two quick walks or potty breaks during normal business hours.  The pups here have continuous access to both the home and yard from 6am to roughly 10-11pm rain or shine.  Our normal boarding hours are 24/7/365.  The aim is  to keep all our guests in an environment close to what they are accustomed to at home.

All guests who stay at Andy's Boarding Place whether that be for a day or a week are required to be current on Bordatella (every 6 months), Rabies and DPP.  All puppies must be spayed or neutered by the age of 7 months.  We can accommodate special diets and administer most medications.  

While staying at Andy's Boarding Place, you can also schedule your dog for an exit bath so he/she is clean and pretty when you come to get them.

 Whether they come for a weekend, a week or just for the day, your pup will go home happy and tired but most of all well loved.  All guests have the option of sleeping on the bed, a couch or chair or the floor if that is their preference.  
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